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Book IV

The War of the Woods

Ivy battles her way to the Dark Queen, but she may be too little too late…

With her third year of school interrupted and canceled, Ivy Lovely is trapped inside the Halls with the growing sensation that she must break free. Through an elaborate network of dwarf tunnels that no human has ever walked, she hopes to find the mythical Dwarflin and regain the final segment of the Kindred Stone. But at every turn, the evil and peril grow. The nature of her friendship with Fyn shifts with sudden news and Ivy doesn’t know if she has what it takes to defeat the Queen in her forest stronghold.


This is a work that’s replete with beautiful imagery and pulse- pounding adventure.
Kirkus Reviews
Night cultivates action-packed adventure, interpersonal interactions, and a host of fantasy elements, from dwarfs to evil queens.
Midwest Book Review
Excitement and suspense build with D.E. Night’s energetic and perfectly timed pacing of repeated bouts of rest and danger for the characters.
The Children's Book Review
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